Submisson Guidelines

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If you would like a home for your fanfic, please contact me. The rules are simple.

1) No slash.

2) No Corporal punishment

3) No domestic discipline

I accept all ratings G to NC-17, but you have to have it labelled as such. :)

If you are hosted here, you will receive a subdomain (your url will be, for example, You will have unlimited space, use of a CGI-BIN directory, and even access to email accounts (with">), and can set up email lists as well. The email lists do not have a way to access them on the web, nor do they have an archive, but they are great, otherwise.

You would have full FTP access, as well as upload/download access. Just like having your own website, but on my webhost. :)

If you are interested in being hosted here, please contact me at

Make sure you take out the "-REMOVE" from the email address. This is only in there due to spammers using automatic "bots" to harvest email addreses.

Star Trek Dividing Line
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