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This area of my site has many things that I enjoy, or have an interest in, many things relating to Science Fiction/Fantasy. Most notably, fan fiction stories written by me and others that belong to Star Trek clubs in the Seattle area, as well as other fan fiction stories I'm currently working on, and a lot of fanfic for the television show, The Sentinel written by a great bunch of people.

There will be other stories on here, things that I have worked on over the years, and just never got around to putting in fanzines. :)

There are links to various things that my husband and I enjoy, and I'm slowly going over them and replacing the bad links with good links.

I hope to have some pictures and other things from shows that I've enjoyed as well as other things.

Under Books, you will find books that I have recently read, or use with reviews.

If you are looking for a place to house your fanfiction, please check out the Submission Guidelines.

If you like or dislike something on this web page, please send me and e-mail and tell me so. My e-mail address is:

Make sure you take out the "-REMOVE" from the email address. This is only in there due to spammers using automatic "bots" to harvest email addreses..

Well, the 5th season of the Sentinel didn't happen on TV, but there are three groups of fans making virtual seasons on the Internet. The following page has a listing of all three places where virtual seasons are happening. For other Sentinel fanfiction, please check out GuidePosts (the original Sentinel Fan Fiction archive).

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